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4 new enhancements to the Signal Ocean Platform

  • Cargo Merging Functionality: Signal have introduced a new capability for users to manually merge multiple cargoes or cargo clusters. This can be done through the 'Merge' option in the three dots menu. Post-merging, the grid focuses on the merged result, which now becomes a manual entry, consolidating all underlying cargoes. This feature is initially available to Golden Ocean, Signal, and Demo account users, with a broader rollout planned soon.

  • Cargo Archiving: Users can now archive cargoes easily, either individually or in bulk. Archived cargoes are greyed-out for easy identification, and a new 'Archive Status' filter allows users to manage their view of active and archived cargoes. Archived cargoes can be restored as needed.

  • Cargo Validation: This feature allows users to update a cargo’s date/time to the current moment, ensuring information is up-to-date. When a cargo is validated, it's converted into a manual entry.

  • Enhanced User Experience: We've improved the user experience by ensuring manual entries maintain their connection with the underlying email on the right panel. A new 'unmerging' function also allows users to easily revert merges if needed. Book a call.

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Posted on December 8, 2023 from Signal Ocean.


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