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The Loadstar x Maritime Data launch Ocean Freight Visibility initiative

The Loadstar x Maritime Data launch a joint initiative to support Freight Forwarders and Logistics companies to access leading Ocean Freight Visibility Solutions 💡

Maritime Data and The Loadstar have teamed up to launch a joint initiative supporting Freight Forwarders and Logistics companies in accessing leading Ocean Freight Visibility Solutions.

As part of this collaboration, three leading suppliers - GateHouse Maritime, Gnosis Freight, and SeaVantage - are offering exclusive 30-day trial periods.

In the past year, the number of suppliers, features, and benefits in this field has grown exponentially. The goal of this initiative is to provide readers of The Loadstar with a diverse selection of tools, enabling them to understand the potential advantages of each solution and its data.

These Ocean Freight Visibility Solutions aim to provide real-time insights into cargo location, status, and predictive information, empowering logistics professionals to proactively manage disruptions and optimize supply chain operations.

Previously, large multinational businesses enjoyed the benefits of such technologies, automating labor-intensive processes and enhancing customer-facing products. Now, our partners have made these powerful and affordable solutions accessible to Supply Chain companies of all sizes, allowing them to leverage big data and analytics to evolve their businesses.

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Posted on August 03, 2023


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