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The Dark Fleet, with Michelle Wiese Bockmann of Lloyd's List

The global maritime industry is facing an undercurrent of hidden challenges, brought into the limelight in Christopher Aversano’s latest episode of popular podcast, The Last Dinosaur, featuring Michelle Wiese Bockmann, senior analyst for Lloyd's List Intelligence, and markets editor Lloyd's List.

In this compelling episode, they delve into the murky waters of the "dark/grey fleet," a shadowy sector of our industry that has been largely under-reported until now. Michelle's expertise illuminates the origins, development, and recent surge of the dark fleet, revealing how geopolitics, particularly Iran's evasion tactics and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, have contributed to its growth.3 examples where predictive analytics is impacting shipping


  • The "dark fleet" represents a significant portion of the international fleet, operating outside regulatory frameworks and posing numerous risks.

  • Iran's evasion tactics laid the foundation for the dark fleet, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a significant surge in its size.

  • A discussion of the methodology used to track the dark fleet and discusses the challenges introduced by Russia's involvement.

  • Michelle elaborates on how geopolitical changes like the invasion of Ukraine have shifted global trade lanes, with an increased global distribution of Russian diesel.

  • The episode concludes with a discussion on the need for diversity and better self-promotion in the maritime industry.

Posted on June 23, 2023


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