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Spire launches AIS position validation solution

What is it?

AIS Position Validation is an advanced RF signal-based vessel detection and tracking to validate vessels’ positions based on the real time coverage offered by the Spire constellation.

The solution independently calculates a vessel’s location at the time of the AIS transmission (even if AIS messages do not include valid GPS data).

This can be compared to the reported position contained within the AIS messages received from a vessel.

How does it work?

Spire is now processing other signals received as a part of AIS message known as Doppler Frequency Shift.

Providing they receive enough of these signals at a high enough frequency, this data can become a reliable indicator of a vessels position.

They are currently processing data for between 15-20% of the world fleet.

Approx. 80% validated calculated positions lie within ~40 nm from their AIS reported positions.

How can this be used?

The use cases that come to mind are Maritime Compliance & Maritime Domain awareness.

If you’re a previous reader of this newsletter, you’ll know we’ve been talking about the rising issues related to “Dark Shipping” or “Deceptive Shipping Practices” for some time.

By having an alternative source of vessel tracking data to AIS and one that cannot be manually interfered with, users may be able to analyze the deltas between the two feeds and more easily identify spoofing.

At a minimum, we see this as a potentially great complementary feed to add to existing dark vessel detection methods.

How is it delivered?

2 delivery methods

  • Summary view

Provides the latest vessel position, static and voyage information associated with given target (MMSI), and summary information, i.e., latest validated and positional anomaly events, and associated counts and timestamps.

  • Detailed view

Provides full information on detected events for target (MMSI), i.e., event type, associated reported and estimated positions, and relative distances in kilometers between estimated and reported positions.

Posted on July 14, 2023


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