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Refined Product Suppy and Demand

From Kpler’s recent Linkedin post:

Introducing our latest product to the market: Refined Product Supply & Demand

Kpler’s new product is the only model that incorporates its market-leading hashtag#trade flow data, which provides customers with a unique edge in the market and enables them with a more trusted path to refined product market analysis.

Key Features:

◾ 18 Month Forecast: Plan effectively with trustworthy data

◾ 7 Products in Scope: Understand the critical interplay of product markets

◾ 5 Year History: Gain the full scope of seasonal trends

◾ Easy Integration: Excel Add-In, API, SDK, liveDB and Snowflake integrations

Speak to us about Kpler’s Refined Product Supply and Demand:

From Kpler posted on November 23, 2023.


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