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Port Efficiency and Congestion Trends: Insights from Windward’s October 2023 Container Port Analysis

Port Insights is Windward's monthly publication offering free, actionable insights on the efficiency level and congestion status of some of the world's leading container ports. Port Insights is based on data from Windward Ocean Freight Visibility. The report analyzes congestion based on transit times, efficiency based on call duration by different container vessel sizes, overall pressure based on TEU capacity sailing into the ports, and much more. It includes the major ports in five regions: China, the United States, Europe, the Mediterranean, and East Asia.

Global Overview

An analysis of container vessel movement on major trade lanes in the past month by examining port calls, average transit time, and TEU capacity sailing into ports.

A highlight of build up and easing of congestion at 40 of the world's top container ports, based on the analysis of transit times to each of these ports compared to their 24-month average congestion level.

To read the full report, click here: Windward Pot Insights, October 2023


As concerns persist about the strength of Chinese exports, TEU capacity berthing at ports across the region declined approximately 5% month-over-month. Only Ningbo and Qingdao posted slight increases, while Yantian decreased 20% on a monthly basis. With the decreased TEU capacity berthing, seven of eight ports in the region had congestion levels below their 24-month average levels. Only Hong Kong was just barely positive, at 1% above the 24-month average. As congestion decreases, transit times fall in tandem. Read more below to see which ports have notable advantages on specific trades.

  • Nansha has the fastest transit times from Oceania, with at least a 4-day advantage over neighboring South China ports

  • Click here to learn how to leverage ports patterns in your supply chain management

  • Yantian has a nearly 6-day advantage in routes from South America over neighbor Hong Kong

  • Shanghai and Yantian continue to have longer transit times from the U.S. compared to their neighbors, likely a continued indication of a preference for them as the final loading port prior to a Pacific crossing back to North America

For the full interactive report, including 4 additional regional breakdowns click the link to download today: Windward Port Insights, October 2023


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