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DataCutter: Cutting through the complexity of AIS Data

We’re particularly excited to work with the team behind DataCutter as the solution aims to lower the barriers to entry for working with AIS and in future, other big maritime data.

Subscribers to Automatic Identification System (AIS) data face the daunting task of managing high-volume data sets, frequent updates, and common errors. The challenge lies in transforming this raw data into structured, actionable insights that can effectively guide strategic decision-making by describing vessel movements at both micro and macro levels.

Developing an architecture capable of handling this complexity is a significant undertaking, requiring not just substantial financial investment but also an advanced technical approach. These systems must be capable of handling enormous data volumes, identifying and rectifying errors, providing real-time updates, and delivering processed data in an accessible and understandable format.

DataCutter, the brainchild of Stuart Reed, founder and former operator of cFlow (a successful commercial AIS service acquired by S&P Global Platts in 2012), steps in to address these challenges. Reed has utilized his deep understanding of clients' questions and needs to design DataCutter as a customizable solution that delivers quick and accurate answers.

As a cloud-based service, DataCutter excels in transforming raw AIS vessel movement data into refined, actionable insights. Its data enrichment capabilities supplement AIS data with crucial metrics such as distance traveled, average and maximum speeds, providing a detailed foundation for comprehensive vessel performance analysis and anomaly detection.

With its secure cloud-based architecture, DataCutter offers robust and scalable data handling. It can efficiently process hundreds of millions of vessel positions, ensuring reliable data storage and ease of access.

For both existing AIS data consumers aiming to boost their interpretation capabilities and new users seeking to quickly gain a robust understanding of vessel movements, DataCutter proves a valuable tool. Moreover, it aids users in evaluating the quality of other AIS data offerings in the market.

To experience the operational value and flexibility that DataCutter offers in AIS data interpretation, interested parties are invited to register their interest and join the early adopters.


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