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Bab El Mandeb Strait Passings Drop Further As Carriers Reroute

Key data from Lloyd’s List Intelligence for the week ending February 4, 2024:

  • Vessels passing through the Bab el Mandeb strait fell 11% week on week and are down by around 57% compared with the 4-week average prior to Houthi attacks. The most significant drops in terms of vessels types were for bulk carriers and crude oil tankers.

  • Suez Canal passings are down 10% week on week, 54% below the average and 51% lower compared with the same period last year.

  • For the Cape of Good Hope, transits are up 7% compared with the prior week and 65% year on year.

  • There were 235 passings through the Bab el Mandeb strait in the week ending February 4 (including transits where vessels had their Automatic Identification System switched off). This is down 11% from 263 the week before and an average of 542 passings in the period prior to the Houthi attacks, a drop of about 57%. The numbers will be revised slightly upwards next week as more dark transit data becomes available.

  • The most significant falls by vessel type were for bulk carriers, down 18% week on week, and for crude oil tankers by almost 40%.

Transit volumes at Suez, Bab el Mandeb and Cape of Good Hope:

A report from Lloyd’s List Intelligence posted on February 15, 2024.


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