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Red Sea Attack Challenges

Increase in Port Activities Across African Ports Amid Red Sea Attacks

Portcast have analyzed all African ports, contrasting the visit counts from the past week with the average weekly figures over the last three months. They specifically looked for ports that exhibited an uptick in visits and congestion compared to their performance throughout the year. Ultimately, they identified the three ports.

The graphs presented indicate congestion levels have not been observed at such heights since November 2022. This recent surge in port activity appears to align with the diversions occurring in the Red Sea.

Here are insights into three key ports that have witnessed substantial changes:

1. Mtwara Port, Tanzania (TZMYW):

  • In December, the vessel count at Mtwara port surged from an average of 1-2 vessels per week to 6-7 vessels per week.

  • The median congestion, measured in hours, exhibited a remarkable escalation from the three-month average of 3 hours to well over 10 days in December. 

2. Mombasa Port, Kenya (KEMBA):Book a call

  • Over the past three months, Mombasa port has maintained an average vessel count of approximately 15 vessels per week.

  • However, the most recent week saw a substantial uptick, with as many as 23 vessels visiting the port. This influx contributed to a considerable rise in median congestion, elevating from the three-month average of 28 hours to around 100 hours.

3. Pointe Noire Port, Congo (CGPNR):

  • Pointe Noire Port observed an increase in vessel count, rising from the three-month average of 15 to 20 vessels in the last week.

  • The median waiting time, measured in hours, surged from the three-month average of 50 hours to approximately 90 hours.

A report from Portcast posted on January 18, 2024.


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