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Maritime Data x The Loadstar

Ocean Freight Visibility Market Report

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Maritime Data teamed up with The Loadstar, the world’s most-read digital news source for Cargo Owners and Logistics Service Providers who manage containerised sea freight supply
chains, to conduct a market research survey to understand their readers sentiments on the Ocean Freight Visibility market.


We gathered insights from 76 selected experts, encompassing managers, specialists and executives, who provided their in-depth perspectives on industry challenges, feature preferences, and attitudes towards pricing. Our research spanned a wide segment of the market, placing special emphasis on Cargo Owners, Freight Forwarders, and Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers


Since the pandemic there has been a marked increase in new technology solutions to address the issue of cargo visibility along the containerised sea freight supply chain. The ensuing range of features, challenges addressed, delivery mechanisms and overall go-to-market strategies have been extremely varied. This research looks to provide the insights product and go-to-market teams require to understand their buying audience, enabling the development of marketing collateral and sales engagements that will lead to new business wins.


Product Management and Development

The results of the survey provide an additional layer of insights for your product development roadmap. The report outlines the most pressing challenges in the industry and the features most sought after, complimenting your existing understanding, and supporting a focused direction for future enhancements.


Data on which challenges resonate most in the market, as well as key features and product points, are highly requested to help create targeted marketing content. This information equips your commercial teams with the appropriate talking points to maximize each engagement

Important figures*

Company Type



The breakdown is as follows:

* Respondents who answered with text-based answers were included within this category unless they could be otherwise ascertained in follow-ups.

Company Size

The metric we used to assess the size of the companies represented by the survey respondents was the number of twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) moved per month.

Current and Previous Ocean Freight Visibility Tool Usage

To assess the experience with Ocean Freight Visibility tools we asked the following question: Do you, or have you used an Ocean Freight Visibility solution in the past?

All figures correct as of 18/09/2023*

Appendix: Survey Questions

There is some duplication in the questions, as the survey splits based on whether respondents had or hadn’t used an OFV solution previously.

1. Company Type
2. Job Title
3. Country
4. What’s your company’s average container volume (TEU) per month?
5. Do you, or have you used an Ocean Freight Visibility solution in the past?
6. What Ocean Freight Visibility solution do you use, or what solutions have you previously used?

How would you rate the challenges below?

7. Lack of real time tracking
8. Time taken manually tracking
9. Delays and disruptions
10. Keeping up with compliance requirement
11. Inaccurate or missing information
12. Collaboration issues between stakeholders
13. Customer Service Challenges
14. If you face other challenges not mentioned previously please detail them

How important would the following features be to you in an Ocean Freight Visibility platform?

15. Real time tracking and tracing
16. Shipment status notifications
17. Document management
18. Data analytics and reporting
19. Container and vessel utilisation
20. Exception management
21. Historical data and trend analysis
22. Integration with other systems
23. Mobile accessibility
24. If there are other features you’d like to see in a platform - please detail them below:

If you were to consider an Ocean Freight Visibility solution, how important would you rank the following?

25. Data Quality/Coverage
26. Pricing
27. User Interface
28. Supplier customer service
29. Supplier Reputation and time in the market

30.What do you look at when assessing data quality?

31. How do you perceive the pricing of existing ocean freight visibility solutions on the market?

How important are the following features of a User-Interface?

32. Speed
33. Clarity
34. Customisation
35. Ease of Navigation

36. Would you be open to considering newer or lesser-known providers if their solution meets your requirements?

37. What type of ocean freight visibility solution do you prefer?

38. If a solution addressed the challenges you’ve highlighted in this survey, what would you be willing to pay on an annual basis?

39. Please feel free to share any additional comments, suggestions, or feedback related to ocean freight visibility solutions:

Contact the team for more information and pricing

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